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About us

In recent years, the results of Polish bridge players and teams at international events have not been particularly noteworthy. This contrasts with the world and European championships of the eighties and nineties in which there were a series of medals and wins for Poles. At that time there was great deal of competition among a large pool of player of international standard, allowing for the selection of a highly competitive national team. This is no longer the case. Why? An important part of the explanation seems to be the political and economic transformation of Poland. Top players, with the exception of just a very few, cannot make a living playing bridge, and their consequent reduction in top competitive bridge playing has led to decline in skill levels. Young people, particularly those of with relatively high skills levels, concentrate mainly on education and professional careers. The Polish Bridge Union cannot mitigate this problem  due to a lack of resources.

Together we - Igor ChalupecGrzegorz Narkiewicz, Jacek Pszczoła and Tomasz Sielicki - have decided to try to change this trend and build a stable system by creating conditions for the development and training of Polish bridge players, allowing them to engage most of their time and activities in bridge. We will not be targeting only the most elite players. We intend to prepare a paralell track for the most promising young players too. We will also try to promote bridge as a beneficial social activity and seek to encourage players of any level. We are planning to cooperate with the Polish Bridge Union and we hope that the players we support strengthen the Polish national team for World and European Championships, hopefully allowing Poland to return to a position in which we regularly win medals, as in the eighties and nineties.


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