Palace Cup 2019 - preliminary timetable

6th edition of the PALACE CUP bridge tournaments organized by Foundation will be held from 24th till 28th April 2019 at Primate’s Palace in Warsaw.

Three tournaments will be played: teams, pairs and pro-am.

Teams tournament will start on Wednesday, 24th April. Complete robin round will be played on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Four top teams will play semifinals on Saturday, 27th April and final will be played on Sunday. Pairs from teams which will not qualify to semifinals join pairs tournament. Losers of semifinals join final A of pairs tournament.

Pairs tournament will start with qualifications on Saturday, 27th April. Finals will be played on Sunday.

Pro-am tournament will be played on Friday evening.            


Wednesday, 24th April,         

11 a.m. - teams, robin round

Thursday, 25th April,

11 a.m. - teams, robin round

Friday, 26th April

10 a.m. - teams, robin round

           7.30 p.m. - Pro-Am tournament

Saturday, 27th April

           10 a.m. - teams, semifinals

           10 a.m. - pairs, qualification

Sunday, 28th April

           10 a.m. - teams, final

           10 a.m. - pairs, finals


Teams tournament - 2.000 euro per team

Pairs tournament - 400 euro per pair

For any further  information, arrangements and reservations please contact Marek Wójcicki:  by e-mail or by phone to Marek Wójcicki +48 881060384